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Moving More = Living Longer Independently

Understanding Neuropathy: Causes and How Medical Devices Can Help

Elevating Lives: The Transformative Power of Vertical Platform Lifts

Understanding Age-Related Decline in Strength and Balance: Importance of Fall Prevention and Medical Devices

Transforming Lives: The Power of Pride Mobility Scooters

Non Weight Bearing | Non Weight Bearing Mobility

Balancing Act: Navigating the Challenges of Aging with Stability and Confidence

Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Hesitations in Embracing Safety Measures for Older Adults

Comparing Different Types of Stairlifts: Straight vs. Curved

Preventing Hip Fractures in Seniors: The Impact and Solutions

The Lifesaving Elixir: The Importance of Proper Hydration for Health and Older Adults

The Convenience of Portable Ramps: Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusivity at Home

Alleviating Neck and Back Pain in Seniors: Enhancing Independence and Comfort at Home

Creating a Safe Outdoor Space: Modifications for Easy Access and Mobility

How the Accessibility of Your Home Affects Your Mental Health

Important Things to Know About Dementia

Buying a Home in Your 50s or 60s

Risks of Preventable Deaths by Age

Age Related Hearing Loss

Who Develops Cataracts?

Who Gets Osteoarthritis?

Are Your Best Days Still Ahead of You?

What Does Customer Service Really Mean?

August is National Wellness Month!

Living with COPD

Why is Maintaining Mobility Important?

Learn More About Perpherial Neuropathy

Do You See Your Glass As Half-Full or Half-Empty?

How Many People Have a Stroke Every Year?

If You Need Help Now But Didn't Before

Do You Know What is The Ceiling of Diminishing Returns?

The Return to The Perfect Fit

Breathing and Posture

Why is Moving from a Sitting to Standing Position so Important to be Able to Accomplish?

Compression Stockings

Have You Ever Used A Grab Bar? Why You Should Start Now!

Get the Most Out of Your Time

How to Prevent Losing the Ability to Drive

Is Your Home or Business Wheelchair Accessible?

Do Stairs Present a Daily Obstacle in Your Home?

Different Ways To Install Grab Bars

We Can Keep You Safe While Going From Place To Place!

High or Low, We'll Take You Where You Need To Go!

Stay-at-Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Making Your Home Safer For The Holidays

Signs that your Loved One needs Medical Equipment Installed in their Home

These Mobility Solutions can help you lead a Healthy Life

Three Activities to Help Your Mind and Body

Why are Bathroom Falls Among Senior Citizens so Common?

Do You Struggle to Walk Up and Down Stairs?

Independence and Mental Health

Being Careful During these Uncertain Times

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle as You Age

Have you Heard About This New Type of Stairlift?

Are You Aging The Right Way?

What is Your Plan for the Future?

Before Remodeling your Bathroom Consider This

Bell House Medical Won’t Just Make Your Bathroom Safer...We’ll Make it More Luxurious as Well!

Don’t Wait Until After Your Surgery to Have Safety Features Installed in Your Home

How Can Bell House Medical Make Your Bathroom Safe?

Raised Toilet Seats and Commodes

The Importance of Maintaining Independence as You Age

A Great Stair Solution – Vertical Platform Lift

How to Feel More Comfortable During Everyday Tasks At Home

What Are the Benefits of a Vehicle Lift?

Don’t Let Mobility Issues Hold You Back From Living Your Best Life!

How Home Modifications Can Allow You to “Age in Place” …with Dignity and Grace

The Best Exercise for Seniors

Stair Solutions for Those Struggling with Mobility Issues

How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

The Differences Between Mobility Rollators and Walkers

If You Are A Senior, Will You Fall This Year? Find Out How to Avoid a Fall

How to know when it is time for someone else to do that for you

Are you at risk for falling? Learn what makes seniors fall and how to avoid one yourself…

The New Trend for Seniors is to Stay in Your Own Home as You Age