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If you or a loved one has noticed a decrease in balance or strength, a grab bar may be just the thing to help you do everyday in a safe and reliable way. Grab bars are an easy way to add a sturdy surface to hold onto to assist with sit to stand, balance or safe transfers or general safety.

Popular places we install grab bars include: in the shower, garage, by a step, by the toilet on or near a bathtub and anywhere a grab bar is needed to provide extra support and stability.


Shower Seats

There are a variety of shower seats to choose from depending on your needs and how much space is available in your shower. A standard shower chair can be used in smaller areas if you can physically step into and out of your shower. A shower seat can have a backrest and handles.

If you have difficulty stepping into and out of your tub or if you are weak, a tub transfer bench may be best to help make bathing easier. With a tub transfer bench, you sit down outside of the tub then scoot over on the bench to get inside of the bathtub. If scooting over on a standard tub transfer bench is difficult then it is better to use a sliding seat transfer bench because the seat slides across to move you into the tub area so that you don't have to scoot across.


Accessible Showers

We can replace your bathtub or shower with a brand new accessible shower. A zero threshold entry allows you to step right into your shower without having to lift up your legs to step in. We have many configurations to choose from that can be used with a shower chair or wheelchair. An accessible shower can transform your bathroom. These showers come in a variety of colors and styles and turn your current bathroom into one that is as nice as a spa.


Recessed Tile

Recessed tile added to your bathroom really makes it look extra classy. There are a variety of places we can add recessed tile.

Recessed tile can be added in your bathroom to modernize its look and feel so that your new accessible shower, toilet or sink will have a spa like look instead of medicinal.


Walk In Tubs

As you age it may become difficult for you to take a nice hot bath due to physical limitations and difficulty getting into and out of the bathtub. Many of you may miss a nice hot soak in the tub especially in winter months. Sometimes it takes a hot bath to get the chill out of your bones on a cold day. A walk in tub is a safe alternative to a traditional bathtub.

A walk in tub has many features that makes it even better than taking the usual bath. Open the door, grab onto the grab bar and step in. Have a seat, sit back and enjoy! Massage jets turn a regular bath into a spa bath. Add your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath and relax. Our walk in tubs come with many features to provide you the best bath of your life.


Hand Held Showers

A hand held shower head can make showering easier and safer. Used in conjunction with a shower chair or tub transfer bench or alone, shower heads that you can hold in your hand make it possible for you to move the shower water stream around your body instead of having to turn your body around to get to the water.

One of our most popular shower heads that we install features a 5 function shower system to deliver a variety of water flow options. The brushed nickel color is extra classy plus the hand held shower spray can be positioned any place along the slide bar for added convenience.

We also like to install our white hand held shower head that features a shut off button right on the handle and a diverter valve. The shut off button in the handle provides more control over the water flow to stop it as needed.


Shower Wheelchairs

A shower chair on wheels works perfectly with a zero threshold accessible shower. If you are a caregiver, using a shower wheelchair will make your job so much easier. Easily wheel the person you are taking care of into the shower and with the seat cut out, thoroughly wash them all over (even in those hard to reach areas).

These chairs feature locking wheels so that the chair is stable with sit to stand and transfers off and on the chair. Our chairs also can work as a commode so you get two functions with one chair.


Toilet Seats and Commodes

A raised toilet seat makes it easier for you to get on and off your toilet because you don't have to work as hard since you are starting to get up from a higher surface than a regular height toilet seat. It is good to use a raised toilet seat along with a grab bar installed by your toilet because a grab bar will provide a stable handle for you to hold onto when going from sitting to standing.

A 3 in one commode can be placed over your toilet to raise the seat height. A 3-in-1 commode can also be used by your bedside if walking to the bathroom is difficult or impossible. Many people will use a 3 in 1 commode at night while they are in bed to make it more convenient.


Tub Cut Outs

When we cut out a tub, your existing tub is used a center piece is removed and the new opening is finished off for a flawless look.

A cut out tub will allow you to get into and out of your bathtub without having to lift your leg as high. Having your tub cut out is a much safer solution than using your existing bathtub as is.