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When getting and up down stairs becomes difficult or unsafe due to decreased strength or balance, a stairlift will provide a safe way to use your steps either inside or outside of your home.

Often, when utilizing the stairs becomes difficult people will stop using them and only live in the areas of their home that do not require steps to enter. This can become very isolating from the rest of the family. A straight or curved rail system can be installed for a stairlift. If you have more than one floor, a stairlift can curve around each landing and safely move you up any staircase inside or outside.

The stairlifts we install are made in the USA of high quality materials. Components are metal and last longer than other stairlifts constructed with plastic components.


Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift can provide a smooth, quiet and gentle ride up to your deck, raised entry or different levels in your home. We can lift you up to 14 feet by installing one of these lifts. Also called porch lifts or wheelchair lifts, they cost less than an elevator and do a great job of safely moving you up for easy access to your home inside or outside.

You can either stand inside or wheel inside with your wheelchair or rollator then enjoy the ride. Promotes safety and independence!



It is always better to have a strong sturdy railing to hold onto when walking up and down stairs. Especially if you have decreased balance or strength, a railing installed on your steps can make going up and down much safer and easier.

Railings help you to keep your balance and decrease your risk of falling when stepping up and down the stairs. We can install railings inside or outside of your home plus they come in a variety of colors and styles. Our most popular railings are white or black.



A ramp provides access to your home without having to use stairs. A ramp can be used with a wheelchair, rollator, if you have a service dog (the dog can walk with you on the ramp), or any other wheeled device. We can install a permanent or portable ramp to fit your space and needs.