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Stationary and Portable Ramps


We build sturdy beautiful wheelchair ramps that can be constructed in any length and configuration and are ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) compliant. If you need a wheelchair ramp for your home or business call us as we specialize in wheelchair ramps for commercial and residential properties. A handicap ramp can be fancy and include spindles plus we can add a hand rail.

Portable wheelchair ramps. If you do not need a long wheelchair ramp and only want something short to use for going up and down a curb, a smaller step or for travel, we carry portable wheelchair ramps that can be taken along and stored when not in use. If you have family members or friends who use a wheelchair, and only need a wheelchair ramp when they visit, a portable wheelchair ramp may be just the thing you need.

You Need A Wheelchair Ramp Installed If You:

  • Use a manual or power wheelchair or scooter for mobility
  • Have stairs and can't use them
  • Own a business and need a ramp to accommodate patrons who use mobility devices
  • Have a loved one living with you who is wheelchair bound

Threshold ramps. Our threshold ramps will allow you to access your doorway with a wheelchair. A threshold ramp is like a mini wheelchair ramp and provides enough of a wedge to get a wheelchair safely through the doorway.

Access ramps are not only for wheelchairs. Not only will someone who has a handicap or disability benefit from an access ramp, but they are great for strollers, other mobility issues or fatigue. A wheelchair ramp or access ramp will also add value to your home.