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Orthopedic Products

Ortho Boots

Ortho Boots

Your doctor may prescribe an orthopedic (ortho) boot for you to wear. Ortho boots are used to treat and stabilize the ankle and foot during severe sprains, fractures or ligament and tendon tears. Come in or give us a call if you need an ortho boot.

Reacher, Leg Lifters and Sock Aids

Sock Aids, Reachers and Leg Lifters

If you struggle to put on your socks, a sock aid will allow you to put on socks without having to bend down. Also, a leg lifter will assist you in moving your leg up and down. For example, if it is difficult for you to move your leg across the bed to get in or out, you can use a leg lifter to help move your leg.

Compression Stockings

Compression Stocking and Socks

Compression stockings or compression socks are used to help improve blood flow by creating a gentle squeezing motion to move blood back up your legs. Use compression sock or stockings to help with varicose veins, to decrease swelling and after certain types of surgery. It is best to ask your doctor what type of compression stocking he wants you to wear.

Ankle Knee Supports

Knee, Arm and Body Supports

An arm support supports your arm and evenly distributes the weight of your arm. You may need to wear an arm support if you have an arm, wrist, or hand injury. Your doctor will usually tell you when to wear one.