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Home Additions and Home Modifications

Home Accessibility and Home Modifications

If your home has become more of an obstacle than a comfortable safe place to live, we can help turn it around! We offer home improvements and home renovations to transform your home to make it user-friendly so it will be easier for you to independently complete everyday tasks. Our home modification services include:

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom modifications

Even if your bathroom is extremely small, we can make it more accommodating by removing shower or bath walls and doorways to allow wheelchair passage. Handrails and grab bars will also be installed in your bathroom to allow you easy passage through.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We will install automatic lighting inside and outside of your home so you can easily turn on, off or dim lights. LED low-frequency lighting uses less energy.

Kitchen Modifications


We can make your kitchen fully accessible with countertops that can be raised and lowered, accessible oven, accessible sink and cabinets plus handrails, ramps, and/or other hardware as needed to get you through the room with ease.

Room Additions

Open Floor Plan

If you have a room in the home that is not accessible, we can help by creating an apartment within that room so it can be lived in with ease and comfortability. These modifications come with complete kitchen and bath areas so you can live independently.

Home Rehab Area or Home Gym

Rehab Workout Area

To keep up with your rehab exercise program or to maintain strength and endurance, let us create an exercise area right in your home. We can consult with your physical therapist to incorporate the equipment specific to your needs.

Front Door Access

Built-up Walkway

We help you get around the outside of your home easier! If you have difficulty using the steps to access your front door or garage door we can bring the ground up higher, install pavers, blacktop (hardscaping), install a vertical platform lift, stairlift, railings or ramp.