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Railings Before and After Installation


Safety railings - Iron hand rails - Wooden hand rails - Outdoor hand railings - Staircase railing. Safety railings not only help you to avoid a fall but they also add beauty and value to your home. Hand railings come in different styles. We install wooden hand railings and iron hand rails wherever you want them inside and outside of your home.

NIH (National Institutes of Health) reports the importance of using safety railings. According to NIH, especially when you get older, falling and breaking a bone can be the beginning of "more serious problems". Read more about how to take care of your overall health and learn how having staircase railings installed can contribute to your long term health.

You Need A Railing/s Installed If You:

  • Have stairs without railings
  • Are an older adult and do not have railings on your staircase
  • Have poor balance and use stairs without railings
  • Have stumbled or tripped on your current staircase that does not have railings
  • Have a loved one living with you that as decreased balance and your stairs have no railing/s