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  • Bruno Stairlifts Indoor and Outdoor
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Bruno Quality Stairlifts

The stairlifts we sell and install are made in the USA and from the best materials available. We can install a stairlift in a variety of configurations to help you navigate your stair case inside or outside.

A stairlift will easily and safely take you up and down your stairs A stairlift is a chair that is connected and bolted onto a track that will smoothly take you up and down your stairs. When we install a stairlift, there is no need to make structural changes to your stairs. Our stairlift customers love the security and independence that returns to them after our stairlift installation.

It doesn't matter if your stairs have a straight or curved configuration or even a landing as our stairlifts can be installed in any configuration to accommodate straight or curved staircases or a landing. We install and maintain Bruno Stairlifts. Bruno Stairlifts are made in the USA utilizing metal components that help them last longer and are more durable than other brands that utilize plastic components.

You Need a Stairlift Installed If You:

  • Have difficulty getting up and down your stairs
  • Are weak and it is hard to get around
  • Can only utilize the lower level of your home because there are stairs
  • It is hard to get up and down the stairs outside of your home that leads to your porch
  • You have a family member living with you that can't maneuver the stairs of your home

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