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Recessed Tile

Recessed Tile

When we install your new accessible shower, we can add recessed tile to really make your new shower pop!

Recessed tile can also be added to other areas of your bathroom as well, around the sink or mirror and wall. Recessed tile is the modern way to transform your bathroom into a spa like retreat even though we are modifying it for you to be able to navigate easier. It doesn't have to look medicinal. Your bathroom can be made functional, safe and visually appealing.

You Need Recessed Tile Installed If You:

  • Want an even more classy look for your new accessible shower we are installing
  • Would like to add matching recessed tile to other areas of your bathroom (around the sink or mirror)
  • Want to add some pizazz to other areas of your bathroom with a nice tile border that matches your new shower
  • Want to make your bathroom look "more beachy" or "classy"
  • Want to make your family and friends envious of your beautiful new bathroom we create for you