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Walk in Tubs

Walk in Tubs

A hot bath can really relax you, plus if you have arthritis or other ailments, it can help improve your symptoms. If getting into an out of a traditional bathtub has become difficult then it is probably not safe for you to struggle getting into and out of your tub.

A walk in bathtub can be the solution you need to continue enjoying a nice hot bath but safely and without the struggle or unsafe way you may bathing now. We will install a walk in tub that has a grab bar, comfortable seating, massage jets and hand held shower head so that you can remain independent and safe every time you want to enjoy a bath. The massage jets add even more enjoyment as they massage and relax you so that you can feel peaceful and renewed.

You Need a Walk-In Tub If:

  • It is a job getting into and out of your current tub
  • You have stopped taking a bath because you can't get into and out of your bathtub
  • Your balance is unsteady
  • You get tired easy
  • You want to be able to take baths again

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