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  • Grab bars in the bathtub
  • Grab bars by the toilet
  • Grab bars in the shower
  • Grab bars inside and outside
  • Grab bars in the bathroom
  • Grab bars
  • Different color grab bars
  • Bathroom grab bars
  • Long grab bars

Grab Bars

When you have a grab bar to hold onto, whether you are getting into and out of the shower, stepping up from a step to go inside or for any other task where a grab bar could be helpful, your risk of falling is decreased. Many falls happen in the bathroom and often, when you fall and break a bone, your life can be changed forever. Most older adults when they fall and break a bone never get back to their prior physical abilities.

Preventing a fall, is your best plan for living a more independent life in the long run. Grab bars can be installed in a variety of places in your home in addition to placing them in the shower. A grab bar placed by your toilet will help you to get up and down easier. We can install one by a doorway if you have to step up to go inside to provide a sturdy surface to grab onto.

You Need a Grab Bar Installed If You:

  • Have unsteady balance
  • Had joint replacement surgery
  • Are feeling weak and tired
  • Want to safely continue living in your home as you age
  • Have a family member who is an older adult who visits / lives with you

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