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What Does Customer Service Really Mean?

Tue, Sep 6th, 2022

What Does Customer Service Really Mean?

Everyone has heard the term "customer service" but what does that really mean? There are different levels of customer service, from the basic "meets expectations" to the much higher "exceeds expectations". So, what really makes great customer service?

Here are some things that make up great customer service:

  • A friendly and helpful attitude
  • The ability to solve problems
  • Going above and beyond what is expected

Why Provide Great Customer Service?

Why go above and beyond? Because great customer service is the key to keeping customers happy and loyal. It's also a way to stand out from the competition. Another reason to provide excellent customer service is that you simply want to!

At Bell House Medical we don't even have to talk about customer service because that is something sewn into the fabric of every aspect of our company.

Many of our customers are older adults who have lived a long life and now they need us because usually, they have lost a degree of their mobility. We realize that life is fragile and we really enjoy helping provide ways for our customers to be more independent and have the ability to get around and live their lives to the fullest, whatever that level of function will be for them.

Each person has different needs and abilities and we do our best to maximize their environment so they can keep living and doing what they enjoy and need to do every day.

Why We Like Helping People

What makes us feel really good is helping people. For example, watching someone who has difficulty walking get into one of our scooters and now they can go to the grocery store or go places with friends and family. Or when someone used to love to take a nice hot bath but can't anymore because it is too hard for them to get in and out of the tub. We come along and install a bath lift and bring a smile to their face because now they can take that hot bath again!

We love our business because we are in the business of helping people live their lives safely! At Bell House Medical, we build relationships with our customers because we are always here when they need us with a helping hand and a smile!

That is really what customer service is all about! Going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers in any way we can.

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