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A mobility scooter comes in 3 or 4 wheel models, and can really make your life easier if you have difficulty getting around due to decreased balance, strength or endurance.

If you stay home, when friends or family invite you out because the walking is just too much and you just can't do it, a scooter could be the answer. Often, people will become isolated and stop going out and enjoying things they like to do when walking becomes too difficult. A scooter will allow you to regain your independence and eliminate the struggle of trying to "keep up" when shopping or socializing.

You Need a Scooter If You:

  • Have difficulty walking around
  • Have stopped going out with family and friends because walking is just too difficult
  • Feel nervous when you must go out to shop or to an appointment because of having to walk
  • Want to be more independent with your mobility
  • Tire easily with exertion when walking
Visit our store: Bell House Medical 16719 Coastal Highway Lewes, De 19958 to view our full selection.

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