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The Importance of Maintaining Independence as You Age

Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

The Importance of Maintaining Independence as You Age

As our parents and grandparents age, our first instinct is to help them with every little thing. But for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, oftentimes it’s best to let them accomplish tasks on their own (when they are able to). In this blog, we’ll discuss what activities the senior citizens in your life can do themselves, why it’s important they do them, and how Bell House Medical can assist your loved one when they conquer daily activities safely.

Engaging Activities

First of all, any physical activity should be approved by the older adult’s physician. But once he/she is cleared, anything that stimulates their mind and body within their limits will greatly benefit them. Physical activities such as dancing and leisurely walks can reduce high blood pressure, strengthen bones and lower the risk of heart disease.

Socializing with friends and family will make anyone feel less isolated, but this is especially true for senior citizens. Socializing can help promote good memory retention and can be just as beneficial as physical activity in-terms of enhancing self-esteem, which is absolutely critical for those who are unable to exercise.

Mentally stimulating activities such as crossword puzzles keeps their mind active and promotes mental health and emotional stability. It also allows them to maintain a positive outlook on life.

How Can Bell House Medical Help?

Bell House Medical offers numerous mobility solutions to help your loved one/s maintain a happy, healthy, social life:

  • Scooter lift- Allows them to attend social events.
  • Power Wheelchairs- Allows them keep up with the crowd and prevents them from feeling isolated.
  • Walkers/Rollators/Canes- Can use on leisurely walks to stay active (if permitted).

Household mobility solutions such as lift chairs, stairlifts and grab bars allow them to safely enjoy mobility and promote an active lifestyle from the comfort of their home.

If you have a loved one that struggles with decreased strength and mobility, give Bell House Medical a call! We can provide them with the tools they need to age in place while maintaining a social/healthy lifestyle.

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