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Do Stairs Present a Daily Obstacle in Your Home?

Wed, Apr 14th, 2021

Do Stairs Present a Daily Obstacle in Your Home?

As you age, daily tasks become more and more challenging to tackle. This is especially true if you have to go up and down stairs each day. Not only is this a struggle for many people, but it's extremely dangerous if you don't have the strength, balance, and coordination to confidently take each step. A serious injury sustained while falling downstairs could be fatal for many senior citizens, or at the very least lead to devastating injuries.

In this blog, we'll discuss why it's important to have safety features installed on or around your indoor and outdoor stairs.

Peace of Mind

Your home should be a relaxing sanctuary where worries are set aside, not enhanced because you're worried about going up and down flights of stairs every day. The mere thought of a person doing something they know is dangerous can cause immense stress. Instead of enjoying whatever activity you're doing that day, worry sets in instead.

Not only are safety features important for the physical health of older individuals, but mental health as well.


Did you know, every 30 seconds an individual in the United States sustains an injury falling down the stairs? That's 3,000 injuries per day! The highest injury rate was for individuals over 85 and children under 3. Senior citizens are more likely to fracture a bone, which requires hospitalization. According to patient's accounts, nearly 60 percent of injuries happened with an unknown cause, and 23 percent of patients say they slipped, tripped, or misstepped.

Most of these injuries could have been prevented if safety features such as a stairlift were used on a daily basis.

Navigate Your Home

Is there an area of your home you don't go to very often because it's difficult for you to access? For example, do you have stairs that connect the garage to the inside of your home? A vertical platform lift could help you access the garage safely, significantly limiting the risk of injury.

Also, if you own a two-story home, but want to age in place in this residence, a stairlift will allow you to get the most out of the space without feeling closed off.

Vertical Platform Lift

Bell House Medical

Do you want to be able to confidently and safely use the stairs in your home again? If so, contact Bell House Medical! We can install a stairlift, vertical platform lift, railings, or a ramp to create a safer living environment in your home!

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