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Don’t Wait Until After Your Surgery to Have Safety Features Installed in Your Home

Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

Don’t Wait Until After Your Surgery to Have Safety Features Installed in Your Home

Have you recently been told that surgery is necessary if you want lead a healthy, mobile, pain-free lifestyle? Receiving this news can be a tough pill to swallow, but there are things you can do to make the post-surgery recovery process smooth and less stressful on you, your spouse, and your caregiver.

For example, if you’re having a procedure done on an area that affects mobility, strongly consider having the necessary mobility and bathroom features implemented into your home BEFORE the surgery, not after. In this blog, we’ll discuss why this is so important and what services Bell House Medical offers to help tackle everyday tasks post-surgery.

Comfort and Safety

Why is it important to have everything installed before your surgery? Imagine coming home from your procedure and all you want to do is sleep and relax. But your spouse scheduled the installations for the same day you got home from surgery… This is a severe disruption and compromising your plans for necessary relaxation. Simply scheduling the installation date a few days before surgery can be the difference between precious... and restless sleep.

Although having installations going on when you’re trying to sleep isn’t ideal, that’s not the biggest issue. Without the necessary adjustments to your home, everyday tasks such as:

  • Going to the bathroom
  • Taking a shower/bath
  • Getting out of bed
  • Going up stairs

Can be extremely dangerous and cause you to irritate the healing area or severely re-injure yourself.

How Can Bell House Medical Help?

Once you’ve made it through surgery, the recovery process can begin. Bell House Medical can help make the process easier and safer by installing:

  • Grab bars provide a stable place to hold onto when getting in and out of the shower.
  • Zero-threshold shower so you don’t have to lift a foot to enter or exit your shower.
  • Stairlifts can help you get to the second floor of your home, or they can be installed outside if you have steps.
  • A Ramp can be installed outside if you are in a wheelchair and stairs are an obstacle.
  • Lift chairs make sitting and standing easier and less strenuous after surgery, plus it’s a comfortable seat to rest and elevate your legs.
  • Bed rails will help you to get in and out of your bed.

Bell House Medical also offers numerous orthopedic products that support injuries and post-surgery therapy guidelines.

If you’re scheduled to have surgery and haven’t yet made an appointment to have these safety features installed in your home, give Bell House Medical a call BEFORE the surgery date and we’ll come make your home a safer place to get healthy and regain strength.