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Don’t Let Mobility Issues Hold You Back From Living Your Best Life!

Fri, Feb 15th, 2019

How can a mobility scooter benefit me?

If you or a loved one are struggling with decreased strength, endurance, or a loss of balance, as the result of age-related degenerations, illness or injury, a mobility scooter can both drastically increase quality of life and help you maintain your sense of independence.

No one wants to feel “stuck” within the confines of their own home. Unfortunately, losing the ability to move around freely, on one’s own accord, can be absolutely devastating. It is very common for those with decreased mobility to become withdrawn and increasingly isolated; people may stop going out with friends and family, avoid leaving the house entirely and even abandon social activities they once loved for fear of “not being able to keep up”.

The good news is that a mobility scooter can be just the solution you are looking for. Lightweight, easily transportable and available in a wide variety of styles (at all different price ranges), a mobility scooter will allow you to regain your independence and eliminate the struggle of not “being able to keep up”.

A scooter will help you live your best life possible if you:

  • Have difficulty walking around
  • Have stopped going out with family and friends because walking is just too difficult
  • Feel nervous when you must go out to shop or to an appointment because of having to walk
  • Want to be more independent with your mobility
  • Tire easily with exertion when walking

Don’t let life continue to pass you by because of your mobility issues! Stop by the Bell House Medical showroom to see our selection of mobility scooters and to get information on what kind of mobility scooter is the best fit for you and your unique lifestyle and needs.

At Bell House Medical, we have been proudly serving the Delmarva community since 1986 and would like to encourage you to stop by our medical supply store in Lewes, Delaware or contact us if you have questions about any of the information discussed above.

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