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The New Trend for Seniors is to Stay in Your Own Home as You Age

Tue, Dec 23rd, 2014

With the proper set up you can stay in your home as you age

As many people are getting closer to retirement age, they are planning for their future care needs. A lucky few will have family that will help take care of them but a majority of people will either choose to live their final days in a nursing home or by the hand of fate, just end up there.

There is a new trend emerging where many people are choosing to "age in place" or live in their home until the end of their life.

Now, there are many different factors that need to be considered if a person will choose to stay in their home. There are reasons that will make it difficult if not impossible to live alone in your home without help from another person, if you have:

Cognitive Issues: If a person loses their memory and it becomes unsafe for them to be alone.

Physical Issues: If a person is unable to be move around even with the use of assistive devices.

Financial Issues: If a person does not have the money needed to have their home modified or to pay caretakers as needed.

Medical Issues: If a person has a medical condition that they are unable to manage on their own.

Everyone on earth, if they live long enough, will need some type of assistance in their later years. This can range from total care to minimal assistance.

Many people find peace of mind knowing that they will be able to stay in their home for the duration of their life surrounded by their pictures and “familiar” things.

If you are planning to stay in your home as you age, it is a good idea to talk to someone so that you can start getting things prepared ahead of time.

If you wait until an emergency to implement items you will need (grab bars, accessible showers, stairlift, etc.) it will be more difficult to make good decisions.

It is better to plan ahead and make the right decisions about what you will need but keep in mind your needs will probably change over time so it is smarter to implement changes with the future in mind and not your current function.

Bell House Medical – Home of Master Grab Bar will help you set up your home or the home of your parent/s or loved one with everything they need to be safer and independent in their own home.

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