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Have You Ever Used A Grab Bar? Why You Should Start Now!

Tue, Aug 31st, 2021

Have You Ever Used A Grab Bar? Why You Should Start Now!

Grab bars are easy to use safety devices that can be used by yourself or to help a caregiver with the person they are caring for with transfers or while bathing. Grab bars help with balance while standing, maneuvering (such as stepping in and out of the shower) and they can help prevent a slip and fall by providing a stable surface to hold.

How Do I Choose the Right Grab Bar?

Grab bars are available in a variety of sizes. The size grab bar/s you should choose depends on where you need them and the size of your space. Usual size grab bars are 18", 24" and 32" but longer bars can be installed as well. If you have a loved one that visits who has decreased balance or strength, it is a good idea to have grab bars installed in your guest bathroom so they can be safe while visiting your home.

Are Suction Cup Grab Bars Safe to Use?

A grab bar is only as safe as its mounting and suction cup grab bars are not mounted to the wall studs. Suction cup grab bars are not meant for much weight and they must be cleaned and reattached to the wall every week. Also, temperature changes (hot water and steam in the shower then cooler when the steam clears) can cause a loss of pressure between the suction cups and wall surface. We don't recommend them!

Do Grab Bars Come in Different Styles?

Grab bars are available in a variety of styles and colors so they can fit your decor and can blend in well! For example, if you have a wobbly towel bar because you are holding on to the towel bar when getting in and out of the shower (which by the way is dangerous), it can be replaced with a nice sturdy grab bar (choose a color that matches the colors in your bathroom) that you can use to help steady yourself without having to think about it coming out of the wall like a traditional towel bar can.

Are There Foldable Grab Bars that Can Be Put By the Toilet?

Devon bars are great to place by the toilet as they can easily be moved down when you need to use it and they pushed up out of the way when not in use. You can have a Devon bar placed on one side of the toilet or both sides for extra stability.

How Can A Caregiver Use Grab Bars with Someone They Are Taking Care Of?

Grab bars can make it easier for a caregiver to assist the person they are caring for in the bathroom in a variety of ways:

  • In the shower - When helping someone to bathe in the shower, grab bars will help provide a stable surface for the person to hold on to while the caregiver helps with washing and rinsing their private areas.
  • By the toilet - When helping someone with toileting, wiping and pulling up and down pants is easier if the person has something stable to hold on to like grab bars or devon bars.

Is the Bathroom the Only Place Grab Bars are Installed?

Grab bars can be installed in any area of the home where they are needed. We have installed grab bars in other areas besides the bathroom:

  • At the top of the stairs - If there is nothing to hold on to go from the top step to inside the doorway a grab bar can help
  • By the garage steps - If there are a few steps in the garage, we have installed a long grab bar by the steps to provide something to hold on to while stepping up
  • By a doorway inside the home - If there is a step by a doorway that is difficult to maneuver, we have installed a grab bar by the doorway so there is something stable to hold while stepping up or down

As you can see grab bars are versatile and can be installed in a variety of places in your home plus they come in nice styles and colors so they can blend in with the decor.

Bell House Medical, the home of Master Grab Bar, would love to help you avoid a slip or fall and make your home safer! Call us to install grab bars or any other home medical device to help you stay safe and independent in your home! 302-644-4404