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Are you at risk for falling? Learn what makes seniors fall and how to avoid one yourself…

Tue, Dec 6th, 2016

Using the right medical equipment and making your home safer can help keep you from falling on the floor

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in the state of Delaware, 10% of people 65 and older and 12.4% of individuals aged 50-59 have fallen and sustained an injury within the past year.

The National Institutes of health (NIH) reports that as we age changes happen in the body that affect sight, hearing, muscle strength, coordination, and diminished reflexes.

Couple this with heart disease, diabetes, any problems with your circulation or nervous system plus medications that cause dizziness and you have a huge increased risk of falling and having a life altering injury.

These changes start developing as early as in your 40’s but we don’t usually start seeing and feeling the affects until our 50’s. Diet, activity levels and even breathing patterns contribute to our overall health.

There are tasks we all perform on a daily basis including morning care (shaving, brushing teeth etc), showering, going to the bathroom, walking around inside your home and outside in the community. When you have a disability or decreased balance these tasks can become more difficult.

Often, people don’t think about making their home a safer place by having grab bars installed in the shower or using a walker or cane for better balance until they fall and break a bone.

Unfortunately, after an injury many never regain their previous level of function. A broken bone in an older adult can be the beginning of the end.

A few simple modifications to your home or the home of an ageing parent could prolong their life and level of independence for years to come. This old saying from Benjamin Franklin holds true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Bell House Medical is a full service medical equipment and home safety installation company. Their safety specialists will come to your home and access your needs.

They can install grab bars, railings, a ramp, a vertical platform lift, vehicle lift, Milford lift, provide medical equipment such as a shower chair, hand held shower head, commode, scooter, lift chair and so much more…

Bell House Medical is located on Route 1 in Lewes, DE.

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