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Have you Heard About This New Type of Stairlift?

Fri, Feb 28th, 2020

Have you Heard About This New Type of Stairlift?

When a person gets older, has an accident or illness, it can be difficult for them to use the stairs to get into and out of their home. The stairs need to be modified to allow that person to go into and out of their home to doctor appointments, visit friends and relatives, shop or other errands as needed.

Modifying the stairs also makes it easier on the caregiver because they won’t have to struggle getting their person up and down the steps. There are a number of solutions to make stairs more accessible including:

  • Having a permanent or temporary ramp installed
  • Implementing a stairlift onto the staircase
  • A vertical platform lift
  • Adding railings

Depending on the person’s level of function and the future outlook of how their mobility is expected to improve or decrease will help drive the decision on what type of stair modification is best for them.

There is a cool new item called the FlexStep. The FlexStep is an ordinary looking staircase that with the push of a button transforms into a lift.

The person just walks or rolls into the FlexStep with their walker, rollator or wheelchair, pushes a button and they are taken up to the next level. Once they walk or roll out of the lift to the next level, they push the button again and the staircase goes back to an ordinary looking staircase.

Depending on where you live, it can be challenging to find space for the stairs and also a vertical platform lift. With the FlexStep, the stairs and the lift are all in one, so there is much less area used. It can be implemented in even the tightest spaces!

There are a large variety of configurations so the FlexStep can be implemented nicely into almost any type of surrounding to help maintain the look and feel you want. It can be installed inside or outside.

The FlexStep has built-in safety features as well as four intelligent synchronized motors, one at each corner, which together ensures a smooth and safe movement between levels. There are also customizable options for material finish and color.

Whichever stair modification you prefer or best fits your budget, Bell House Medial can install a stair solution to help you or a loved one navigate the stairs in a safe manner to help improve mobility and independence. Give us a call for any of our home safety and home independence solutions.