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Age Related Hearing Loss

Tue, Jan 3rd, 2023

Age Related Hearing Loss

There are things that are considered a normal part of aging like gray hair, creepy skin, wounds healing more slowly, thinner skin, a decrease in night vision, and reduced hearing.

It may be harder to hear tones and frequencies at extreme ends of the spectrum. Changes in tone and speech may also be harder to distinguish. If you notice that you are asking people to repeat themselves, you need the tv louder to hear it or you have difficulty hearing conversation in a crowded restaurant, it would be beneficial to get your hearing checked.

Hearing Loss and Loss of Cognition

If you do need hearing aids but just don't want to get them, not addressing your hearing deficits can cause more problems as time goes on.

Loss of hearing over time can affect your cognition. According to Wikipedia cognition refers to "the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses".

Hearing issues create stress and strain on your hearing, but it also limits the ability to hear to take in information. Additionally, hearing loss is associated with poorer cognitive performance and memory deficits.

Address hearing loss as soon as possible. There are effective treatments available to address hearing impairments in older adults that range from hearing aids to cochlear implants and other types of assistive devices.

What to Do If You Have Hearing Loss

If you're having difficulty hearing, find a qualified audiologist or hearing specialist who can assess your hearing level and recommend treatment options for you. Don't wait too long as dealing with hearing loss early can help prevent further cognitive decline.

You will be amazed at how much better you hear but you will feel better too! Relationships with loved ones will be easier as you will not have to ask them to repeat themselves over and over. You will be able to hear in a crowded restaurant and life will feel nicer with corrected hearing!

Once your hearing is better, it's important to keep up with regular appointments so that any changes can be noted quickly and appropriate action is taken if needed.

Don't let hearing loss become a barrier to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. With the right hearing treatment, older adults can still remain connected with their loved ones and stay engaged in life.