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Do You Struggle to Walk Up and Down Stairs?

Fri, Jun 26th, 2020

Do You Struggle to Walk Up and Down Stairs?

Is it difficult for you to walk up and down the stairs in your home? If so, you aren't alone. One in four Americans age 65+ fall each year, and they are three times more likely to fall on stairs.

What can be done about this? In our professional opinion, once you reach a certain age and live in a home with stairs, some sort of modification needs to be made to those stairs. Several variables dictate this:

  • How mobile are you?
  • What does your doctor recommend?
  • Height/number of stairs?
  • Do you have stairs inside and outside?
  • Is getting up and down the stairs becoming more difficult?

In this blog, we'll discuss four stair solutions that will help prevent senior citizens from falling down or on their stairs.


A quality stairlift is one of the safest ways for senior citizens to get up and down their stairs. But not only is it extremely safe, it's easy to use. To use the stairlift, you simply sit on the seat, fasten the seatbelt, push the rocker switch on the armrest, and the stairlift will glide smoothly up or down the rail.

It doesn't matter if your stairs are straight or curved, inside or outside, our stairlifts will provide you with a smooth, steady ride to your destination.

Vertical Platform Lift

Does your home have a porch, basement or deck that's difficult and dangerous to access without assistance? A vertical platform lift might be the solution. Whether you're still able to walk but struggle going up and down stairs, or you use a wheelchair or scooter, a vertical platform lift will lift or lower you to the next level of your home.

To use the lift, you simply get on, close the ramp, press the launch button, then exit when you're at your destination! Our vertical lifts will elevate you up to 14' and hold up to 750 pounds.


Railings might be a good option for the exterior of your home if you are still mobile and your doctor approves it. They provide a sturdy surface to grasp when navigating your stairs. Railings are also a great option if you only have a few steps to go up and down daily.

But railings not only provide a great safety feature, they can add character and curb appeal to your home. We offer a variety of colors and materials that will complement your home perfectly.


Does your home or place of work need a wheelchair access point? We can build and install beautiful wheelchair ramps of any size or length. But if you don't need a long wheelchair ramp, we carry portable ramps that can be transported from place to place and stored when you're not using it. You might need a wheelchair ramp if you:

  • Use a manual or power wheelchair.
  • Are unable to use stairs.
  • Own a business and need a ramp to accommodate patrons using mobility devices.
  • Have a loved one who is living with you or visits frequently who is wheelchair-bound.

Bell House Medical

If stairs present a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to you in your daily life, give Bell House Medical a call. We'll make your day to day routine easier and safer.

We also offer many other solutions for your bathroom, mobility and orthopedic needs that will make your entire home a more user friendly and safer place to live.

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