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How to Feel More Comfortable During Everyday Tasks At Home

Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Grab Bars and Accessible Shower

You have taken a shower almost everyday for most of your life but as you are getting older, stepping into and out of your shower stall or tub is beginning to make you feel uneasy.

There can be a variety of reasons for this new uneasiness because you:

  • Have had a recent surgery and are not feeling up to par
  • Noticed that lately your balance is not as good as it once was
  • Are afraid to fall again
  • Are deconditioned and have lost strength
  • Have lost feeling in your feet
  • Just don’t feel safe anymore

As we age, it is important to continue to perform your everyday routine like keeping good hygiene. When self care tasks become difficult or scary, there are ways to make you safer and offer peace of mind.

Grab bars installed in your shower are a great way to provide a sturdy surface to hold on to when stepping in and out. If stepping in and out of your shower has become too much of a chore, we can replace your current shower or tub with a zero threshold accessible or walk in shower.

You don’t even have to lift your leg to get in and out plus as you age, if you ever need a caregiver to assist, they can easily wheel you right into the shower with a shower wheelchair.

With all of the items available to keep you safe at home, there is no reason to struggle to be independent.

If you would like a free home assessment from Bell House Medical to offer suggestions to make your home safer, give us a call. 302-644-4404