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Why are Bathroom Falls Among Senior Citizens so Common?

Fri, Jul 24th, 2020

Why are Bathroom Falls Among Senior Citizens so Common?

When a senior citizen falls, four out of five times, it's in the bathroom. In many instances, the master bathroom takes up less than 10% of the home's layout. To put it into perspective, 80% of senior citizen falls occur in a space that only takes up 10% of the home.

Why is the discrepancy so severe? In this blog, we'll discuss why senior citizens fall so frequently in their bathrooms and how Bell House Medical can provide a solution for every circumstance.

If You Have a Problem, We Have a Solution

Problem - Many senior citizens experience decreased strength and mobility as they age. Coupling that with slick floors and tight spaces is a very dangerous combination.

Solution - The addition of grab bars provide seniors with something sturdy to hold onto when maneuvering around the bathroom.

Problem - Entering and exiting a slippery shower can be dangerous for older adults. When they have to step over the side of a bathtub, the odds of a devastating fall significantly increase.

Solution - A zero-threshold shower allows the person to step right into their shower, without going over the side of the tub.

Problem - Sitting and standing when using a toilet takes strength and stability. Many seniors find this difficult and it can be extremely dangerous without the right safety features.

Solution - A raised toilet seat makes it easier for the person to sit and stand, while the attached grab bar gives you something to push off of and hold on to.

Problem - Taking baths is an excellent way to recover from injuries. But getting into and out of a bathtub presents a big problem for senior citizens or anyone recovering from surgery.

Solution - Walk-in tubs provide easy access so you can take a relaxing, soothing bath whenever you desire. They come with grab bars, massage jets and a comfortable space to sit.

Problem - Standing for an entire shower is difficult for many seniors. Decreased strength and balance can cause them to fall.

Solution - A shower seat allows individuals to bathe themselves safely from a seated position.

Bell House Medical

Bell House Medical offers numerous bathroom solutions to help create a safer environment for you to live in. It's our mission to help decrease the number of bathroom falls among senior citizens in the Delaware area. If you know of someone who plans on "aging in place" for years to come, but their bathroom or other parts of their home doesn't have the necessary safety features to do so, have them give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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