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The Return to The Perfect Fit

Mon, Dec 13th, 2021

The Return to the Perfect Fit

Remember moving into your new home, everything was just as you wanted. It was a perfect fit for you and your family. But as the years rolled forward time may have changed your perspective as you’re needs have changed. Whether you have an elderly family member now living with you or you have developed some challenges of your own, that fit may no longer be perfect. Everywhere you turn, living in your old dream home now may seem to be an inconvenience.

How We Can Help Your Home Be a Perfect Fit Again

Bell House Medical (Home of the Master Grab Bar) is here to help you re-find that perfect fit you once had. At Bell House Medical we can install what you need to make it easy for you or your loved get in and out or around your home.

From motorized scooters and wheelchairs to ramps and lifts getting in and out of your home will now be “perfectly” easy! We can even hardscape your property to create a handsome and easier way to and from the entry to your home.

Using a wheelchair? No need to worry about ruining the door jambs. Bell House Medical can create wider doorways and change the swing path of your doors. In fact, we can build you an entire new room as an addition to your home! We can even create a rehabilitation gym that can be stocked with the latest rehabilitation equipment tailored to your needs. No need to make do with the limited equipment a therapist or trainer has on hand anymore when they visit your home.

Bathrooms are often an issue for folks with mobility issues. Not a problem anymore as Bell House Medical is your bathroom refit expert. From walk-in showers and tubs to raised toilet seats your bathroom can once again become your perfect sanctuary.

Love to cook but unable to get around the kitchen? Bell House Medical can install custom cabinets, change countertop heights and install custom appliances such as stoves, sinks and washer/dryers to meet all of your mobility needs to be that master chef again!

Sound perfect? It is!

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