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Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs

All power wheelchairs are not created equal, and some are better than others. We carry a nice variety of power wheelchairs so that you can find one to fit your needs.

From the ability to ride over different terrains, to being able to raise up to look someone in the eye when you speak to them, our power wheelchairs are durable, reliable, have great maneuverability, are easy to use and are physician approved.

You Need a Power Wheelchair If You:

  • Need a wheelchair to get around and do everyday tasks
  • Can't push yourself in a manual wheelchair
  • Have difficulty performing your everyday living activities
  • Live someplace where you have a long way to go to get from the front door to your room or apartment
  • Tire easily when pushing a manual wheelchair
Visit our store: Bell House Medical 16719 Coastal Highway Lewes, De 19958 to view our full selection.