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Is Your Home or Business Wheelchair Accessible?

Wed, May 19th, 2021

Is Your Home or Business Wheelchair Accessible?

Home and business owners are always searching for ways to improve the functionality, convenience, and comfort of their spaces. As a homeowner, ensuring everyone who visits your residence is happy and comfortable will provide you with a sense of fulfillment. A couple of factors business owners must consider when determining the setup of their store are demographic and location.

In this blog, we'll discuss how stationary and portable ramps can help your home or business become more serviceable for everyone!

Residential Ramps

Stationary Ramps: Do you or your spouse use a wheelchair daily? In this scenario, adding a stationary ramp to your home might be the best course of action. Stationary ramps are convenient, wide/spacious, and can be built to complement the aesthetics of your home nicely. It will allow for easy, safe everyday navigation.

Portable Ramps: Portable ramps provide a viable option if a loved one lives in the area and they visit frequently. They are safe, stable, and can be stored away when it's not in use.

Ramps Installed for Businesses

Stationary Ramps: Whether you own a restaurant, dental practice, or medical supply company, ensuring that patrons feel safe and comfortable when approaching your business is essential. If most of your customers use a wheelchair, having a stationary ramp installed would be a wise investment.

Portable Ramps: In our professional opinion, we believe every business should have a portable ramp handy if they don't have a stationary ramp installed already. Part of providing quality customer service is being prepared for every situation. If potential guests/customers call and ask if your establishment is wheelchair accessible, don't you want to be able to answer with a resounding "YES"? Smaller portable ramps are easily installed and broken down. Some assistance might be necessary to set up a larger portable ramp.

Also, there are ADA requirements for many businesses to have a way for people utilizing wheelchairs and scooters to access your business.

Is Your Home or Business Wheelchair Accessible?

Bell House Medical

Bell House Medical can give your home or business what it needs! We can build a custom ramp that suits your requirements... or you can choose from our selection of portable ramps!

We also offer stair, mobility, bathroom, and orthopedic solutions that will make your life easier and safer!

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