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How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Mon, Sep 3rd, 2018

Woman Fell on Bathroom Floor

According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of senior falls occur in the bathroom, many of which result in bruises, head trauma and broken bones. Since the likelihood of making a full recovery to one’s prior physical abilities becomes increasingly unlikely as we age (especially in the case of broken bones), life-long mobility issues are a common consequence of such a fall.

Losing the ability to move around freely, on one’s own accord, can be absolutely devastating. Sadly, it is very common for those with decreased mobility to become withdrawn and increasingly isolated; people may stop going out with friends and family, avoid leaving the house entirely and even abandon social activities they once loved for fear of “not being able to keep up”.

Fortunately, when it comes to increasing bathroom safety, there are a number of home safety devices available that can significantly reduce the chances of a life-changing (and potentially fatal) slip and fall…

Shower Seats

Offering a safe place to rest while bathing, shower seats are a fantastic option for those who struggle with balance issues or have difficulty standing for long periods of time.

Walk-In Tubs

Getting in and out of the tub can be especially hazardous as we age. Walk-in tubs feature an easy-to-open door and grab bars that offer a safe alternative to traditional tubs. In addition to these safety features, many walk-in tubs are available with hydrotherapy jets. These therapeutic whirlpools have a myriad of health benefits including improved circulation, relief from pain, and reduced inflammation.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can be easily installed anywhere a little extra stability is needed and decrease the likelihood of a fall by providing a sturdy, non-slip surface to grab on to.

Hand-Held Shower Heads

One of the simplest modifications you can make to improve bathroom safety is the installation of a hand-held shower head. The convenience of being able to move the water around your body, instead of having to constantly maneuver yourself under the stream, can drastically improve quality of life for those with mobility issues.

Raised Toilet Seats

Many seniors experience a decrease in strength and stamina as they age; this can make getting on or off the toilet very difficult, especially for those with hip injuries. The addition of a raised toilet seat dramatically improves bathroom safety by facilitating easier access to the toilet.

Our passion is to find innovative solutions that allow older adults and disabled individuals to enjoy a much higher quality of life, re-gain self-confidence and maintain independence in their own home for as long as possible.

If you or a loved one are struggling with mobility issues, let us help you make the bathroom a safe place again…Please visit our medical equipment store in Lewes, Delaware on Coastal Highway or give us a call 302-644-4404.