Replace your current tub or shower with a new barrier-free no threshold shower or bath tub

Choose from a variety of different styles

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  • walk-in-tub-2
  • walk-in-tub-3
  • designer-bath-tile-1
  • designer-bath-tile-2
  • designer-bath-tile-3
  • designer-bath-tile-4
  • designer-bath-tile-5
  • designer-bath-tile-6
  • designer-bath-tile-7
  • designer-bath-tile-8
  • designer-bath-tile-9
  • grab-bars
  • roll-in-shower-1
  • roll-in-shower-2
  • roll-in-shower-3
  • roll-in-shower-4
  • roll-in-shower-5
  • roll-in-shower-6
  • roll-in-shower-7
  • roll-in-shower-8
  • roll-in-shower-9
  • roll-in-shower-10
  • roll-in-shower-11


Featured Services

Grab Bar Installation

Grab Bar Installation

Stair Lifts, Porch Lifts and Vehicle Lifts

Stair Lifts, Porch Lifts and Vehicle Lifts


Wooden Ramps

Stair lifts


Milford Person Lift

Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is a highly adaptable and versatile wheelchair to vehicle transfer solution renowned to be quick and easy to operate for a wide range of people. With a lifting capacity of 330 lbs., the Milford Person Lift can be used anywhere from transferring to your vehicle, in the home and office, or while traveling.

Contact Master Grab Bar to get a Milford Person Lift for yourself or a loved one.

We have all different types of grab bars. We can do a grab bar installation anywhere in your home.

Our shower grab bars and bathtub grab bars will help reduce your risk of falls. Please take a few minutes to look through our array of services and medical mobility devices.

We can make changes to any part of your home so that you can remain in your home and live as independently as possible. A grab bar in the shower or by the toilet will make utilizing your bathroom easier.

A stairlift or chairlift will allow you to get up and down the stairs without assistance (inside or outside). An inclinator will help you get up and down from almost anywhere. An access ramp or wheelchair ramp will let you easily gain access to any entry way.

Wherever you are having difficulty in your home, we can usually solve the problem with any of our home modifications to make your home user friendly so that you can do everyday tasks around your home easier and safer.

Many people are choosing to "age in place" and avoid the dreaded nursing home or assisted living by modifying their current home so they can remain independent.

Implementing a few modifications will create a safe environment so that you can stay home and "age in place". Something as simple as adding a few grab bars or a stairlift in your home can make you more safe and secure.

Contact Master Grab Bar at 302-644-4404 to have grab bars installed or e-mail us through the "contact us" page on this website.


Lift Chairs


There are many types of lifts you can use including lift chairs, stairlifts & chairlifts, porch lifts and vehicle lifts.

Power Wheelchairs

power chair

A power wheelchair will give you independence to get around by yourself.

Custom Ramps and Railings


Our custom ramps can be constructed in any configuration to fit your needs (residential or commercial). Railings are an attractive way to make getting up and down steps safer.