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Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

There are times when you need a manual wheelchair or transport wheelchair. A manual wheelchair can be propelled by the person sitting in it or by another person from behind but a transport chair can only be propelled by a person standing behind the chair not by the person sitting in it.

There are many different wheelchairs, and it is important to buy one that fits your needs and size (height, weight and girth). There are features to consider before purchasing a wheelchair such as do you need the wheelchair to have elevating leg rests or swing away leg rests, will you be pushing yourself, will someone else be pushing you or a little of both?

Bell House Medical can help you choose the best wheelchair to fit your needs.

You Need A Manual Wheelchair or Transport Chair If You:

  • Have extreme difficulty with walking
  • Need someone to push you around to go out to dr appointments, shopping etc
  • Get weak and tired quickly when walking
  • Were prescribed to use a wheelchair by your doctor or therapist
  • Have a loved one that you care for and it is difficult for you to move them for everyday tasks
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