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Rollators and Walkers

Rollators and Walkers

Rollators and walkers, come in different sizes and styles including standard walkers, rolling walkers and knee walkers. Walkers can have 3 or 4 wheels and some come with a basket or bag for carrying items to keep your hands free and to secure your items while you push your rollator.

Other features a rollator or walker can have are, loop locks, 6" to 8" castors, a padded seat. Also, if you get tired and need to sit down for a bit when you are walking around a store or other place, a rollator with a seat will provide a place to sit down anywhere and anytime you feel like you need to sit and rest.

You Need a Rollator or Walker If You:

  • Have decreased balance
  • Your doctor or therapist recommended one
  • Need to rest intermittently when you are walking around
  • Hold onto things when walking around your home like walls and furniture